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Low Level Security Clearance

Category: Maryland Criminal Defense
June 3, 2015

I was accused of second degree assault.  The State’s Attorney’s Office did not prosecute and I received a disposition of nolle prosequi.  Will this incident keep me from getting a low level security clearance job? Criminal Arrest May Affect Low Level Security Clearance Here, at the Law Offices of Ross W. Albers, I get this question a […]


Maryland Spousal Privilege Second Degree Assault Cases

Category: Maryland Criminal Defense,Maryland Family Law
April 28, 2015

  I represented a client that was charged with second degree assault.  The alleged victim was her husband.  My client’s husband was also charged with second degree assault and the alleged victim was my client. Neither, my client or her husband wanted to pursue their cases against one another.   The Assistant State’s Attorney and I […]


Do I need a Baltimore County Assault Attorney if I press charges?

Category: Maryland Criminal Defense
March 14, 2015

I pressed charges for a Baltimore County assault in Maryland.  Do I need a criminal defense attorney? Typically, you wouldn’t need an attorney.  However you have to understand that the Assistant State’s Attorney who is handling the case against the defendant is not representing you or your interests.  At least, not in the same manner […]


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