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Rogue and Vagabond Charges in Maryland

Rogue and vagabond charges are those related to any theft or intended theft of a motor vehicle or the contents in or on a motor vehicle. This weird charge with a weirder name can be somewhat confusing and convoluted and even comes with a hefty sentence. If you’ve been charged with rogue and vagabond, seek immediate advice from a criminal defense lawyer in Carroll County.

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What Does the Code Say?

Rogue and vagabond is outlined in Title 6 of Maryland’s code under section 6-206. There are three subsections that outline specifically what is covered under rogue and vagabond:

  • 6-206(a) prohibits the possession of a burglar’s tool. It says that a person may not possess a burglar’s tool while having the intent to use and/or allow the use of this tool in the commission of a crime which would involve the breaking and entering of a motor vehicle.
  • 6-206(b) prohibits the presence in another’s vehicle. This part specifies that a person may not be in or on a motor vehicle that does not belong to them with the intent to commit theft of that motor vehicle or any property that is in or on the same vehicle.
  • 6-206(c) specifies the penalty for anyone who violates this section and is found guilty of a misdemeanor. It says that this misdemeanor shall be considered rogue and vagabond and, if convicted, the offender can face imprisonment not to exceed three years.

What Crimes Are Covered?

Any crime involving the breaking and/or entering of a motor vehicle and/or stealing the contents of or on that vehicle can be charged as a rogue and vagabond crime. The most basic understanding is that you could be found guilty of rogue and vagabond if you possess a burglar’s tool with the intent to use it to break into a motor vehicle or if you are in or on a motor vehicle with the intent to steal it or property within it. Though broad, this scope provides the wide-reaching yet specific nature of rogue and vagabond crime.

What Can You Do If Charged with Rogue and Vagabond?

Rogue and vagabond can be thought of as the awkward cousin of more typical and commonly references theft and burglary charges. However, this awkward cousin still comes with a heavy maximum subject of a misdemeanor charge and imprisonment up to three years. If charged with rogue and vagabond, you should seek the counsel of a criminal defense lawyer in Carroll County to help understand and fight your charges.

Ross (W. Albers) Won’t Go Rogue (and Vagabond)!

Carroll County Criminal Defense Lawyer Ross W. Albers offers free consultations to explain your charges and help you review the facts and possible penalties of your rogue and vagabond criminal charge. The sooner you get Ross W. Albers on your case the more time there will be to understand and build your case. Contact Albers & Associates today to schedule your free consultation with a Carroll County criminal defense lawyer.

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