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What You Should Know About DUI’s and Ignition Interlock Devices

If you’re facing a conviction of a DUI/DWI, you need a highly experienced legal team to advocate for the best possible resolution. Now, more than ever, defendants face penalties that include having an Ignition Interlock Device installed within their vehicle. The use of an Ignition Interlock Device, also known as an IID, is similar to having a breathalyzer within your car. However, this breathalyzer is connected to your vehicle’s ignition, which means that you have to blow into your IID to start your vehicle. If the IID detects any alcohol, your car will not start. Even if you’re clean behind the wheel, a mandated IID can ask for random breathalyzer tests while the car operates, making it a nuisance during your everyday travels.

How Would I Get an Ignition Interlock Device? 

In some instances where you’ve been convicted of a DUI, you might be mandated to have an Ignition Interlock Device installed into your vehicle. As outlined in the Maryland Code § 27-107, an IID will prevent a car from starting if a pre-calibrated level of alcohol is detected on a driver’s breath. An IID can be installed for any individual as part of a sentence or order of their probation. The court will also determine the length of time that an IID must be installed within your vehicle.

How Much is an Ignition Interlock Device?

Even though you’ve been mandated by the courts to have an IID installed within your vehicle, you will still have to pay out of pocket for it. An IID is expensive and typically has a three-part cost component with ongoing fees. For the initial installation, you’re looking at spending upwards of a few hundred dollars depending on where you get it installed. After your initial installation, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for continuous IID monitoring for as long as you’re required. Finally, after the mandated period of having an IID installed is over, you’ll also have to pay for its removal and any court fines or legal payments you’ll need to make.

What If I Violate the IID? 

You’ll find yourself facing serious consequences if you’re caught violating the IID by testing positive for alcohol on your breathalyzer. In some instances, this is a violation of probation, and you might face jail time or even additional charges. You may even be ordered to have an IID installed within your vehicle for an extra length of time or even lose your license.

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