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How Long Do You Have to See a Doctor After an Auto Accident in Maryland?

Following an auto accident, especially one that resulted in no obvious injuries, Maryland drivers may delay getting checked out by a medical professional. We cannot emphasize this enough: do not do wait. You potentially jeopardize the processing of your insurance claim and your settlement if you are pursuing a personal injury case. We, however, acknowledge that getting seen by a doctor can sometimes involve a waiting period. With this in mind, we wanted to address a commonly asked question: how long do you have to see a doctor after an auto accident?

How Long Do You Have to See a Doctor After an Auto Accident in Maryland?

According to major insurance companies’ policies, 72 hours is considered the longest period someone has to reasonably seek medical attention for a post-accident injury. Upon getting an appointment, make sure to tell your doctor that you were involved in a car accident so they document this properly and ensure they keep an eye out for future complications. Doing so provides you with a record that can be used when submitting an insurance claim, pursuing damages from another driver, and seeking further treatment if issues arise later.

What If You Experience Delayed Pain or Injuries?

We understand that each individual experiences pain differently and individuals’ bodies may not show signs of trauma immediately. However, it is still important to have an initial consultation with a doctor as soon as possible following an accident and request follow-ups as additional complications arise. For example, the following types of injuries may not manifest for up to a week:

  • Soft tissue bruising and soreness
  • Neck and back pain or stiffness
  • Stress fractures only visible with special bone scans
  • Dislocated spinal discs
  • Abrasions

Be sure, after each visit, to retain documentation in the event you need it for insurance claims or seeking damages from another party. An auto accident attorney will need this to build your case.

What Happens If You Miss Doctor’s Appointments or Delay Treatment?

Depending on the particularities of your situation, choosing to delay or completely miss appointments can jeopardize an insurance claim’s pay-out or a case’s settlement. Along with the doctor’s documentation, you may wish to keep a separate journal or list of your appointments, dates, and pain levels for future reference.

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