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Doctors learning from past medical malpractice mistakes

Doctors are learning valuable new lessons from past medical malpractice mistakes that could put their patients at risk and expose them to lawsuits.

Malpractice insurers and medical specialty groups are mining thousands of closed claims from suits that have been tried, dismissed or settled over the past few years. Their goal is to identify common reasons that doctors are sued and the underlying issues that threaten patient safety.

They are sharing those insights with doctors and hospitals, which in turn are using them to develop new safety protocols and prevention strategies.

Emergency Room Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Of 332 claims studied from 2007 to 2013, 52% of patient injuries were found to be caused by patient assessment issues.

Most common emergency medicine mistakes

The diagnosis was wrong because the doctor failed to consider other diseases and conditions with similar symptoms.

The doctor failed to order the right diagnostic tests.

The patient was discharged too soon.

The physician didn’t deal with abnormal test results or examination findings or use available information in the patient’s medical record.


Avoid first-impression or intuition-based diagnosis. Make sure all specialists who evaluate patients have complete data.

Obstetrics Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Of 882 claims studied from 2007 to 2014, 34% of patient injuries were found to be caused by selection and management of therapy.

Most common obstetrician mistakes

The doctor didn’t assess whether an infant was too large to have a safe vaginal delivery.

The doctor didn’t deal with complications such as pregnancy-induced high blood pressure.

The doctor didn’t order medications such as antibiotics to treat expectant mothers with infections.


Identify women at risk before birth. Conduct regular mock drills and simulations to prepare delivery teams for birth emergencies.

Orthopedics Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Of 1,895 claims studied from 2007 to 2014, 29% of patient injuries were found to be linked to the patients themselves.

Most common orthopedic mistakes

The patient was dissatisfied with care and sought out another doctor.

The patient didn’t adhere to the treatment plan.

The patient didn’t keep follow-up appointments or calls with the doctor’s office.


Improve patient education about risks and what to expect before and after surgery. Send reminders about follow-up care and check in regarding any developing complications.

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