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Actual innocence defense to criminal charges in Maryland

Actual innocence is a defense to criminal charges in Maryland. There are many ways actual innocence can be argued and proved by your Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Reasonable doubt and actual innocence

There are many ways to defend a person against criminal charges in Maryland.

Some defenses have to do with whether your constitutional rights were violated in any way.  A claim of innocence can work well for you if the other party doesn’t have solid evidence to convict you. You can simply plead innocence and then refuse to say anything that could be incriminating. In the Maryland, you are innocent until proven guilty, so this can be a helpful tactic.

The State has the burden of proof.  The Assistant State’s Attorney must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  If there is any doubt in the mind of the judge or jury that you didn’t commit the crime, then you should, by law, be found innocent.

During your free consultation with your Maryland Defense Attorney, you will want to focus on developing a story, or theory, that shows why you are innocent.

If you can put reasonable doubts into the minds of a judge or jury, then you can avoid conviction.

Alibi witness proves actual innocence

A good way to do that is to use an alibi witness. An alibi witness is a person who was with you at the time of the crime and can prove you are innocent by not being at the scene of the crime.

For example, if you were driving with a friend in Mt. Airy, then you couldn’t have committed a crime inside someone’s home in Westminster.

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The complexity of your case often determines the defense strategy your Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer will use.  Make sure you share all relevant information with your attorney!

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