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What’s the difference between protective orders and peace orders?

When individuals feel threatened due to another party, they may have the opportunity to acquire a protective or peace order. Through these orders, they can feel better protected knowing that the law is on their side. These orders work to ensure the safety of an individual party from another party. While they are in effect, there are specific guidelines to them.

Protective orders are involved in domestic violence cases. When individuals blame a family member or someone in their home for domestic abuse, they can seek a protective order. This can ensure the safety of them and the rest of their family from this one individual. The order can be granted for a number of relationships. These relationships include spouses, relation by marriage, blood or adoption, caretakers and parent-child relationships. Other relationships included have some more specifics to them. Stepparents or children of them can be granted an order if the relationships has lasted longer for 90 days in the past year. Sexual relationships within one year of filing for the petition also qualify. Intimate relationships or ones where people were living together for at least 90 days in the past year can also involve a protective order. In opposition to this order, a peace order covers a different variety of relationships. These relationships can include a neighbor, stranger, teacher or any other individual. For these relationships, they are often more distant and not on a personal level.

What can peace orders do to help me?

Peace orders can be similar to a restraining order. Through peace and protective orders, they limit or prohibit actions of a person accused of abuse, harassment or malicious acts against another individual. This is a form of civil relief that an individual can request to feel safer in their environment. However, they may also wish to press criminal charges as well.

How are protective orders more effective?

Since protective orders can involve people living in the same residence, they tend to seem more strict. Through these orders, the accused individual may be prevented from entering the residence. They can be forced to leave the house. They may also be prevented from being near the child’s school and the victim’s job. Provisional custody of the children can be made.

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