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Don’t Accept Low Ball Settlement Offer for Carroll County Auto Accident

A low ball settlement offer for your Carroll County auto accident injuries can happen for a number of reasons.  Once reason is because you don’t have a personal injury attorney representing you.  The insurance companies know which injured parties are represented by an attorney and which are unrepresented.  In my experience, those individuals that are unrepresented are tendered low ball settlement offers, because the insurance companies know these people want to settle quickly.

This is a mistake.

Having a Carroll County auto accident attorney may significantly raise the value of your case in the eyes of the insurance company for the simple reason that your attorney can file a lawsuit, and you don’t know how to, or can’t.

Additionally, a Carroll County personal injury attorney understands that low ball settlement offers should not be accepted.  A negotiation should be undertaken until the insurance company cries uncle, or taps out.

Low ball Settlement Offer Rejected by Carroll County Injury Lawyer Ross W. Albers

Recently, Albers & Associates negotiated a significant personal injury settlement for a client injured in a Carroll County auto accident.  Our client’s review is a good example of the mind set that insurance companies prey on:

“I was involved in an automobile accident this past May in which I was struck pretty good from behind. I know there are a lot of these type of accident/injury claims (I work in a hospital) and I know first hand that insurance companies try to settle them quickly without paying out too much. I really did receive injury to my neck and hand so.  I decided to retain an attorney.  After some research I settled on Albers & Associates.  His record was impressive enough, but after actually speaking with him it was clear that he was the right choice.  Over the next several months Mr. Albers kept me informed about the case, all while insuring that my health and well being were top priority. The last thing that I wanted to do was travel back and forth to meetings while recovering.  Honestly I was only looking to have my truck repaired back to its original state.  Imagine how pleased and surprised I was when Ross informed me that he had obtained quite a settlement offer for me!  And although I thought the first offer was good enough, he apparently didn’t think so and went after the insurance company.  So I am very pleased with the outcome of this case, surprised at the settlement amount, and quite impressed with Mr. Albers professionalism, not to mention that in person he’s just the nicest guy you would ever want to meet!  Thanks again Mr. Albers for everything you’ve done for me.  In the event you ever need a reference, please direct them straight to me!”

As you can see, this client already knew that insurance companies try to settle auto accident claims quickly with a low ball settlement offer.  So, she retained a personal injury attorney at Albers & Associates to represent her for the injuries sustained by the negligent at-fault driver.  However, when the first low ball settlement offer came, the client thought it was good enough and was ready to settle.

Not so fast.

Albers & Associates doesn’t accept the insurance company’s first low ball settlement offer.  We went after the insurance company and raised the final settlement significantly after a month or so of negotiations.

Schedule a Free Auto Accident Personal Injury Attorney Consultation

Albers & Associates is located in Westminster, Maryland.  Carroll County Personal Injury Attorney Ross W. Albers is a former Maryland insurance adjuster.  If you received a low-ball settlement offer for your auto accident injuries, then contact Albers & Associates for a free consultation.

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