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Does the DUI alcohol restriction only pertain to driving?

A DUI alcohol restriction is a limitation of your driving privileges in Maryland imposed by a judge or administrative law judge.

DUI alcohol restriction imposed after guilty plea

Back in 2012, just about 4 years ago, I plead guilty to a DUI.  This occurred while I was fairly young, and in college, and I have since certainly made sure to never get behind the wheel after drinking ever again. I’ll include that I’m now also a highly functioning, productive member of society, with strong morals and integrity, who made a young, dumb mistake many years ago.

After having my Maryland State driver’s license suspended, it was reinstated with a code J “alcohol restriction”.  I am eligible to have the restriction removed in another 6 months.  A select few bars/alcohol vendors have denied me service because of this alcohol restriction, however I was under the impression that this restriction simply meant that I could not operate a vehicle with any amount of alcohol in my system, but had nothing to do with the purchase of alcohol.

It is a pretty embarrassing event when I am out with friends, and I am rejected entry into a bar because of this restriction.  God forbid, if I was on a date with a girl, and was denied a glass of wine because of this restriction.

A DUI alcohol restriction prevents you from driving with alcohol in your system.  It does not prevent you from drinking at a bar or restaurant.  Businesses can deny service to anyone, so long as not for a discriminatory purpose.  A business can refuse to serve you and claim that it is to protect themselves from liability, and that would be a justifiable reason.

What is a DUI alcohol restriction?

A DUI driving restriction is a limitation of your driving privileges that may have been imposed for various reasons.  The MVA may restrict your driving privileges as a result of a judge’s decision in a court or administrative hearing case in which you are involved, because of an alcohol or drug related incident, or for medical or other reasons.

You are prohibited from driving or attempting to drive a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol, or any other mood altering substance, in any amount.  Furthermore, if you receive two alcohol related convictions within a 2-year period you will be subject to a 3-year alcohol restriction.  If you are under 21 years of age you are restricted from driving or attempting to drive a motor vehicle while having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level between .02 grams/100 ml and .08 grams/100 ml.

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