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Accident medical bills not considered in settlement

When the time comes for a settlement offer to be extended to the client, we often hear the adjuster start the conversation by saying, “Specials after this date were not considered.”

Typically, this is a forewarning that the offer may be lower than expected.

Gaps in treatment after a car accident

Almost all of our clients treat initially after the accident, and then life gets hectic and they discontinue treatment for some time.  A few months pass by and the client’s schedule clears, or their injury flares up and they decide to go back to the chiropractor for more adjustments.  This is what insurance adjusters will call a “gap” in treatment which is often not included in the total settlement offer.

Now, the client is left with an extra $2,000 in chiropractic bills that the adjuster is not even considering.  Some people don’t recognize the problem with this and the question we are faced with is, “Why aren’t they considering all of my dates of treatment?”

Well, it makes it difficult for an adjuster to believe you’re truly injured after going two months without a single doctor appointment.  While there may be a few exceptions such as a family emergency that makes you put the treatment on hold, it’s unlikely that a gap in treatment will be completely dismissed by the adjuster.  This is why attorneys stress the importance of treatment in a personal injury claim.  If you run into a situation where you know you need to stop treatment briefly, it’s in your best interest to alert your attorney as well as your doctor so that the reason can be specifically noted in your records.

While it’s an inconvenient hassle to have to keep up with weekly doctor appointments, it pays off, quite literally, in the long run of your settlement. Not only is it important to the case but it’s also essential to the client’s healing process. Life can surely be demanding, and the added pressure of an accident can really pile things on.  To avoid this becoming a bigger issue, we stress the importance of putting yourself and your health first, instead of stressing about a low settlement later.

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