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Juvenile Record Expungement in Maryland: What You Should Know

At Albers & Associates, our experienced legal team diligently defends youth facing criminal charges in Maryland. If you’re looking for an experienced Maryland juvenile defense attorney, our team can expertly navigate the complex legal system. For parents of adolescents over the age of 18 with a juvenile record, you should know that there are record expungement options available for qualifying youth. Don’t let your family feel burdened by a juvenile record when your adolescent might be eligible for record expungement. Here’s what you should know about juvenile record expungement in the state of Maryland. 

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What is Juvenile Record Expungement?

Have you found yourself worrying about your adolescent’s job prospects and how their record might affect future educational opportunities or where they may qualify to live? 

A juvenile arrest record can often feel like a burden to both parents and adolescents alike. When your adolescent is 18 or older, your family should consider juvenile record expungement. Juvenile record expungement removes the police or court record from public inspection. For example, any public individual accessing Maryland Case Search would not be able to view your adolescents’ juvenile record. This means that the record is “expunged,” which can vary from either being wholly destroyed or moved to a secure area that isn’t accessible to the public. Think of juvenile record expungement as an opportunity to provide your adolescent with a clean slate in the public eye.

Who Qualifies for Juvenile Record Expungement?

To qualify for juvenile record expungement in the state of Maryland, your adolescent must meet specific grounds for expungement as outlined in Code Ann., Courts & Judiciary Proceedings § 3-8A-27.1(c)(1). In addition, juveniles who received juvenile citations are also eligible for record expungement. Therefore, to begin the process of juvenile record expungement, you’ll want to make sure that your adolescent is eligible before proceeding with a petition. The highly experienced legal team at Albers & Associates can consult with your family regarding the petition process. 

When Can I File for Juvenile Record Expungement? 

The period in which adolescents over the age of 18 can petition for juvenile record expungement varies case-by-case. Adolescents convicted of a crime where the act is no longer considered a crime are eligible to petition for juvenile record expungement immediately. In most circumstances, juvenile records can be petitioned for expungement following three years after a ruling. In Maryland, there are no fines associated with filing a petition for juvenile record expungement. If your family needs experienced legal counsel surrounding your petition for juvenile record expungement or is facing juvenile criminal charges, Albers & Associates can help. 

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