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Maryland DUI Restitution Hearing

DUI restitution means money.

If you are involved in a DUI accident, not only do you have to worry about the regular penalties facing a DUI suspect, you have to worry about paying for all of the damage that was done.  The law is very one-sided on this topic and it is not in the favor of the suspected drunk driver.

 What is DUI Restitution?

DUI restitution is paying back money for the damage that was done to a victim’s property or person.  Restitution is the amount necessary to pay for the victim’s losses.

A court may enter a judgment of restitution that orders a defendant to make restitution for the commission of a DUI.

First, the court must determine whether as a direct result of the DUI property of the victim was:

  • damaged;
  • destroyed; or
  • its value substantially decreased.

Finally, the court must determine whether as a direct result of the DUI the victim suffered:

  • actual medical, dental, hospital, counseling, funeral, or burial expenses or losses;
  • direct out-of-pocket loss;
  • loss of earnings; or
  • expenses incurred with rehabilitation.

Right to DUI Restitution

A victim is presumed to have a right to restitution if:

  • the victim or the State requests restitution; and
  • the court is presented with competent evidence of the victim’s losses.

A judgment of restitution does not preclude the property owner or the victim who suffered personal physical or mental injury, out-of-pocket loss of earnings, or support from bringing a civil action to recover damages from the drunk driver.

DUI Restitution and Insurance

If you have your own insurance, that will be helpful.  However, the court could order you to pay more than what your insurance covers.  Your insurance company could settle the claim with the victim, and the Judge could still order you to pay more.  It is very important that the issue of restitution be considered in any DUI case, and in any settlement of a DUI case.

Even if the victim has their own insurance, that does not stop the Judge from ordering you to pay for the full economic loss of the victim.

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