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How do I proceed after being involved in a pedestrian accident?

If pedestrians are injured by a motor vehicle, the driver can be held liable. When the driver is held responsible for the accident and the injuries that have been sustained by the pedestrian, you can receive compensation through payments for medical bills and lost wages. You may also receive a monetary value for your pain and suffering. This can help to treat your injury and the impact that it has had on your quality of life.

How is PIP involved?
If you have been struck by a vehicle, you may be covered financially by PIP. As long as the driver has the proper insurance, you can become covered under their Personal Injury Plan, which is no-fault insurance coverage. This can immediately cover lost wages and medical bills. However, you could be entitled to further compensation based on your accident. If you wish to pursue a lawsuit against the driver to possibly gain more compensation, contact an attorney about your options.

Do I have to prove negligence?
After a pedestrian accident, you may have to prove negligence on behalf of the other party to receive compensation for your injuries. Negligence needs to be proven in order for the pedestrian that was harmed to receive damages. This negligence can show that the driver was not driving to the best of their ability and was displaying unsafe driving that proves they were not acting to the best of their driving ability. They may have been distracted by their phone or bad weather could have played a factor in their driving. Their vision could have been impaired, causing them not to see an oncoming pedestrian.

Sometimes a third party may be involved in the situation, which can involve a municipality that may have shown negligence as well. When these cases are pursued, the injured individual has the opportunity to gain damages that can help provide for their injuries after their accident. These damages can be in the form of non-economic or economic damages. Non-economic damages cover the emotional turmoil that you have suffered from as a result of your accident. Economic damages can cover the cost of medical bills that have piled up, along with lost wages from your job and lost future wages if you are unable to return quickly.

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