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What to do if there is a warrant for your arrest in Maryland

When you learn that there is a warrant out for your arrest, there is a tendency to want to ignore it and hope it will go away. Unfortunately, it will not.

Once you realize there is a warrant, you should consult with an attorney immediately.

There are several things that you and a Maryland Warrant Attorney can do:

  1. File a Motion to Recall the Warrant: Many warrants are issued because the Defendant failed to appear for court. An attorney can file a Motion to Recall the Warrant.  Many judges will grant your attorney’s motion which means that the warrant is quashed and a new court date is set. Hiring an attorney shows the judge you are taking the matter seriously and intend to appear for the court date.
  2. Try Writing a Letter or Filing a Motion Asking the Warrant to be Recalled: If you cannot afford an attorney, you can write a letter or file a motion asking that the warrant be recalled. This is far less likely to be granted since without an attorney, the judge may not be convinced that you will appear for trial.  However, on occasion, the court will recall the warrant if you file a motion yourself and the charge is not serious.
  3. Turn Yourself In: If the first two options fail, you can turn yourself in to the police. Before you do so, you should have a family member or friend prepared to post bond. They can either post the full bond or get a bail bondsman and pay 10% of the bond which is non-refundable. The judge may set a bond or leave it up to the Commissioner. When you turn yourself in, you will be arrested and then go before the Commissioner who will set bond or release you on your own recognizance.  Never turn yourself In on a Friday night or on the weekend because it takes longer to be processed and get before the Commissioner. You could spend a day or two in a holding cell!

If you have an outstanding warrant, do not ignore it.

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