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Police Officer was a jerk during my DUI arrest

When people call our office for a free consultation after their DUI arrest they are often very focused and upset with how the police officer treated them.

The best way to describe it is: the police officer was a jerk.

So, how does the police officer being a jerk affect your DUI case in court?

Honestly, it doesn’t.  And, usually the officer isn’t intentionally trying to be a jerk, they are just frustrated with what they deem as a lack of cooperation on your part.

The police officer was nice at first

The typical scenario is that a person is pulled over, cooperates with the request to perform the standard field sobriety tests and then is placed under arrest.  (Most people think they passed the field sobriety tests).

Back at the police station, the officer requests that you take the breathalyzer test.

The officer reads your rights with regards to the breathalyzer and you have to make a decision to take or not take the test.

This is where most people describe the police officer becoming a jerk and it’s usually a result of the person having a hard time understanding whether they should take the breathalyzer or not.

I can imagine as a police officer it can be quite frustrating.  Are most people intentionally being uncooperative, I don’t think so.  They are probably just upset and confused about what they should do. Most people have never been in this scenario before and don’t understand the consequences.

Recently, we spoke with an individual who opted to take the breathalyzer test but was unable to provide a sufficient blow.  This upset the officer who felt that the person was trying to intentionally beat the test and not cooperate.

Of course, when we spoke to this is individual they were very upset with how the police officer reacted.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to change anything about their case.  Judges don’t ask the police: “Were you polite and cooperative with the drunk driver?”  It’s the opposite, the judge asks the police officer: “Was the defendant polite and cooperative with you?

So, after we let the person express their grievances, we redirect them back to the facts of their case that can either prove or disprove their DUI charges.

Most police officers are good people just trying to do their job, a very difficult one, too.

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