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What are Deny Delay Defend Tactics?

When you are injured in a car accident or by slipping and falling in a restaurant, you may face a mountain of medical bills. You may not be able to go back to work and those lost wages will definitely take a toll on your finances.

Insurance companies are notorious for employing “Deny, Delay, Defend” tactics to try and evade having to pay out on your claim.

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Insurance Companies Put Profits First

Even though we are required to have car insurance and even though insurance companies have a duty to their insured customers, these companies will go to great lengths to avoid paying you the money you are owed.

At the end of the day, insurance companies are not your friends; they are a business, and businesses are here to turn a profit. For many people, discovering the harsh reality of insurance companies can come as a great shock.


Insurance companies use three methods to avoid paying out on your claim. The first tactic that they will use is to deny your claim. Insurance coverage can be complex and insurers know this, so they’ll try to trip you up in technicalities and details.

For example, they may try to dispute the liability of the accident. They may also claim that you didn’t seek medical attention in a timely fashion or you didn’t report the incident on time. The best way to protect yourself against this is to follow the advice of a personal injury lawyer in Essex. We are very familiar with handling insurance companies; we know their tricks.


Delay” tactics may involve low-balling you with minimal financial support in the hopes you’ll take the smaller amount and go. In many cases, the insured will not accept such a low offer and then the back and forth begins. They may also just delay the settlement indefinitely.


Finally, insurance companies will try to defend against the claim in a court of law. For most people, this will mean losing out on the insurance you are paying for. It’s a dirty tactic, but Ross W. Albers is very experienced in cases like these.

Call on Ross W. Albers to Tackle Insurance Companies

Ross W. Albers is one of the leading experts in Personal Injury Law in Essex, Maryland. He has fought tirelessly against selfish insurance companies who have tried to avoid doing right by their customers. Don’t let a car accident spell the end for you. You deserve to receive coverage for your injuries.

Contact us today for a free consultation where we can discuss the specifics of your case.

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