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What Does it Mean to be “Wet Reckless”?

The phrase “wet reckless” may call to mind images of jet-skiing, but when it comes to the law, the phrase is anything but fun. “Wet Reckless” is a term used to describe a particular kind of criminal charge and today we’re going to be exploring the term in a bit more depth.

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What does “Wet Reckless” mean?

Before we get to the wet part, let’s talk about reckless driving. Reckless driving is when a driver is operating a motor vehicle in such a way that it endangers the lives of pedestrians and other drivers. Excessive speeding, running red lights, texting while driving, and racing other vehicles on the road can all be examples of reckless driving.

To be “wet reckless” the driver was engaged in reckless behavior while under the influence of alcohol.

The Difference Between a DUI and Wet Reckless

There are a few major differences between a DUI and wet reckless. The first is that you cannot actually be charged with being wet reckless at the time of your arrest. The only way to get charged with being wet reckless is to be arrested for a DUI and then have the charges downgraded.

Wet reckless carries a heavy weight on your record, but less so than a DUI. This makes it a good option if your charges don’t look like they’re going to get dismissed.

However, before you can even think about having your sentence reduced, you need to work with a trusted DUI lawyer in Maryland.

The Benefits and Costs of Pleading Wet Reckless

A DUI in Maryland can be absolutely devastating, so it’s in your best interest to avoid the charge as best you can. Pleading wet reckless has a few advantages over a DUI. The fines may be lower, the jail time may be shorter, and your license will not face the automatic 6 month suspension of a DUI charge.

However, this plea bargain is not without its problems. For example, if you’re arrested for another DUI in the future, your wet reckless charge will still count towards the number of DUI charges you have faced. Not only that but, your insurance rates will still see a spike in cost.

Facing a DUI in Maryland? We Can Help!

Call on Albers & Associates to help defend you against DUI charges in Essex, Westminster, or other parts of Maryland. He has extensive experience in this field in particular and can help you get your charges dismissed or reduced.

Call us today for a free consultation at (443) 665-8030.

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