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You’ll Need Legal Representation for a Probation Violation Case

In Maryland, a probation violation can lead to you being arrested and subsequently serving your original jail sentence without being eligible for bail until your hearing. Under Maryland law, probation serves as an opportunity to avoid a jail sentence for defendants, so long as you adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the court of law. If probation is determined to be violated by your probation officer for any various reasons, you will need to hire an experienced probation violation attorney to advocate on your behalf. Our legal team can defend your case to obtain the most favorable legal outcome, typically to have your probation reinstated rather than serving your original jail sentence. Here are a few reasons why you’ll need the help of Albers & Associates for your probation violation case.

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Your Original Judge Will Rule On Your Probation Violation Case Hearing

Under Maryland law, the original judge that sentenced you to probation will preside over your probation violation hearing. A probation violation hearing can be more complex than an actual trial because the procedures operate differently. In a probation violation hearing, there doesn’t need to be proof beyond a reasonable doubt that you violated the terms of your probation. Your probation officer simply needs to provide the judge with evidence that you violated probation. This evidence is often circumstantial and wouldn’t typically be able to be used during a jury trial, which can lead to unfavorable outcomes for many defendants without an experienced probation violation attorney.

Probation Violation Can Lead to Serving Jail Time

When you’ve violated the terms of your probation and have a probation violation hearing, you’re potentially facing jail time or even harsher sentences. Typically, under Maryland law, a probation violation can lead to an immediate arrest. However, your probation officer can also determine violations of probation for reasons that aren’t criminal but technical in nature. These technical violations can include testing positive for drugs or alcohol, showing up late to an appointment with your probation officer, missing an appointment with your probation officer, failing to complete community service or substance abuse treatment, not paying fines promptly, and many other technical reasons can lead to a violation of probation outside of a criminal offense. 

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Defend Your Case 

When you’ve violated probation, it’s essential to know that your fate lies in the hands of the judge after your probation officer presents evidence against you. That’s why it’s critical that you hire the legal team at Albers & Associates to defend your probation violation case for the most favorable legal outcome. You don’t want to risk putting your future on the line when it comes to probation violations. With the experienced help of Albers & Associates legal team, you can rest assured that we will diligently defend your case and assist you with your next steps in your hearing since you won’t be facing a jury trial and your sentencing rests in the judge’s hands. Contact us today for a consultation with our legal team.


Albers & Associates understands that a probation violation hearing can lead to jail time for defendants. As your experienced criminal defense attorney located in Carroll County, MD, you can rely on our legal team to diligently advocate on your behalf. We can serve as your dedicated legal counsel to navigate your probation violation case. Contact our legal team for a consultation today or give us a call at (443) 665-8030.

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