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Maryland CDL Driver Refuses DUI DWI Breathalyzer

A CDL DUI breathalyzer refusal is a serious drinking and driving case.  A commercial driver’s license is important because it directly relates to a person’s employment.  If you lose your CDL, then you lose your job!

MVA CDL DUI Breathalyzer Refusal Consequences

Albers & Associates handled a MVA hearing for a DUI client that had a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and refused the DUI breath test.  My client’s case was litigated in District Court and my client received a probation before judgment.  However, my client still faced serious consequences at the MVA.

In Maryland, a CDL is required for drivers of heavy trucks, buses and vehicles placarded for hazardous materials.  A DUI involving a CDL driver are complicated and require an experienced DUI Attorney.  Not only does a CDL driver face serious consequences in court, but the MVA also levies severe penalties.

If a CDL driver, while driving a commercial motor vehicle, refuses a DUI breath test or submits with a result of 0.04 or more, the CDL driver is subject to a one-year disqualification on a first offense DUI or a lifetime disqualification on a second or subsequent DUI.

If a CDL driver while driving a personal vehicle refuses a breath test, the CDL driver is subject to a one-year disqualification on a first DUI or a lifetime disqualification  on a second or subsequent DUI.

After a DUI disqualification, the CDL driver must reapply and pass all of the required tests to obtain their CDL.

Refusing the DUI breath test keeps incriminating evidence out of the hands of prosecutors.  However, if you are a CDL holder and refuse the breath test, then your CDL will be disqualified for at least one year.

Schedule a CDL DUI Breathalzyer Refusal Consultation

If you have been charged with a CDL DUI breathalzer refusal, then contact DUI Attorney Ross W. Albers to discuss your case immediately.  You can afford an aggressive and experience DUI Attorney, you can’t afford to lose your Maryland CDL.

Maryland DWI Lawyer Ross W. Albers is a former Baltimore City prosecutor.  Albers & Associates is located in Carroll County and handles the following matters throughout Maryland: criminal defense, driving under the influence defense, juvenile defense, peace orders, personal injury, and small claims litigation.

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