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Arrested for shoplifting in Maryland, but didn’t know you forgot to scan items?

Shoplifting is a theft crime in Maryland that requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt that you knowingly and intentionally stole items from a store.

Forgot to Scan Items and Arrested for Shoplifting?

I was in Giant shopping with a “scan it scanner” yesterday evening.  After checking out, I was stopped by the security guard and told that lost prevention wanted to check my bags.  The security guard said they observed me placing objects in my bag without scanning them.

I thought I had scanned the items and did not realize that I did not!

After going through my bag there were approximately $170.00 in items that did not get scanned.  The lost prevention officer took my information, took a picture of me, and told me I was not allowed to shop in Giant any more.

The police officer called another officer who was supposed to do a report but he did not show up.  After running my name and seeing I had no warrant or previous convictions, the police officer said I could go.

Lost prevention said that I would be receiving a court notice in the mail.  I do not know how to proceed.  I was supposed to be moving to a different state for a job in a few weeks.

Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney’s Shoplifting Arrest Perspective

You will be charged with theft between $100.00 and $1,000.00 which is a misdemeanor and carries a maximum penalty of 18 months in jail.  The district court will send you a summons in the mail and you must appear in court.  If you do not appear, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Under these circumstances, it is likely that Giant will pass on the information in an effort to have criminal charges filed against you.  There is always the chance this matter might fall between the cracks and never get charged but you need to be vigilant to ensure if something is filed, you are aware of it and take appropriate action to defend yourself, appear in court which should include hiring a lawyer.

If you are leaving the area, then a criminal defense lawyer would be in your best interest.  Depending on the county, prosecutor, your prior record (if any), I have been able to resolve some of these matters without my client traveling back to Maryland.

Maryland Prosecutor’s Shoplifting Arrest Perspective

You were caught shoplifting.  You thought you scanned $170.00 worth of items?  Ok.  I believe you, now prove it.  You will be charged with misdemeanor theft and unless there is a diversion program in your jurisdiction there will be consequences.  You need a criminal defense attorney to represent you.

Schedule a Free Carroll County Criminal Defense Attorney Consultation

Albers & Associates is located in Westminster, Maryland.  Carroll County Criminal Defense Lawyer Ross W. Albers is a former Baltimore City prosecutor that knows what you’re up against.  Contact Albers & Associates to schedule a free consultation.

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