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Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is worth it

Our office was contacted by a client who was injured after being rear-ended by another car.  The client sustained soft tissues injuries, a concussion, and missed time from her self-employment occupation.

Initially, the client handled her own claim and was offered an $8,000.00 settlement that barely covered her medical bills and which gave her nothing for her lost income from her self-employment.

Frustrated with the unfair settlement offer, the client reached out to our office and scheduled a free consultation.

Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is worth it

While our attorneys can’t guarantee any particular outcome, we can review your claim and the settlement offer made to you by the insurance carrier and let you know if it sounds reasonable.  Here, the $8,000.00 offer did not sound reasonable.

After being retained, our office’s litigation team immediately went to work: paralegals and legal assistants obtained immediately all the medical bills and records. We also helped the client calculate a demonstrable lost income amount from her job.

With one of our most experienced personal injury attorneys overseeing the process, our team then prepared a comprehensive settlement demand package and submitted it to the insurance company.

Most importantly, our attorneys demanded a significantly higher settlement figure than the client had asked for originally, ensuring that the insurance company knew that our office valued this case and was prepared to prove it in court.  To further demonstrate that we were ready, willing and able to litigate the client’s case, our office also drafted a lawsuit for money damages and sent the adjuster a copy of the pleading with the indication that it would be filed unless the adjuster made an additional settlement offer.

When the insurance company called to negotiate, our attorney negotiated from a position of strength with our office’s settlement demand package providing the blueprint for the renewed settlement discussions. He emphasized the strengths of our client’s case, and persuasively mitigated the weaknesses in the case argued by the insurance adjuster.

The case was ultimately settled for $24,000.00 – a figure three times the client’s “final” offer from the insurance company when she was handling the case herself.

Not all cases are the same.  Not all insurance companies are the same.  No outcome is guaranteed.  But having experienced attorneys on your side usually makes a positive difference.

If you have a personal injury case and are interested in referring it to our office, please contact Albers & Associates.

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Albers & Associates is located in both Carroll County, Frederick County and Howard County. The three offices represent clients in Maryland DUI/DWI, personal injury, and criminal matters throughout Maryland.

Mr. Robert Fiore represents individuals in a wide range of Civil Litigation including serious personal injury, wrongful death, and insurance coverage cases. Mr. Fiore will serve as counsel and litigator in connection with the Firm’s Personal Injury caseload. He brings over 30 years of experience in negotiating settlements along with over 100 successful civil jury trials. Mr. Fiore regularly conducts continuing legal education programs and trial skills workshops for the Maryland State Bar Association and the National Business Institute. He also volunteers as a pro bono advocate for crime victims through the Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center and serves as a privately retained mediator and arbitrator.

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