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Can I get my Maryland DUI case thrown out?

Want your Maryland DUI case thrown out?  Carroll County DUI Attorney Ross W. Albers has the experience to litigate your driving while impaired case.  Your DUI case should be litigated.  That’s the only way to get your Maryland DUI case thrown out.

Maryland DWI police report is wrong. Can I get my DUI thrown out?

I was recently pulled over for a DUI.  When I asked the Maryland State Trooper why he pulled me over, he told me that I drove on the double lines about one and half miles back.

The police officer did not pull me over at the spot he claims I made the offense!

He continued to follow me for approximately 1.5 miles after and then decided to pull me over near a shopping center.

Can this be fought in the court of law?  What are my chances of beating this DUI case in court?

Getting a DUI case thrown out is possible, but it depends on the facts and law.

A driving under the influence case should be litigated in court.  Too many attorneys take your money and plead you guilty.  You and your Maryland DWI Lawyer need to evaluated your case together and decide the best course of action.

If you traveled over the center line, this is a traffic infraction for failing to keep right of center and the police officer can pull you over even if he waits one and half miles to do so.  However, you may have other DUI defenses depending on the facts.

You definitely need a Carroll County DUI Attorney because driving under the influences charges are serious and the consequences affect your freedom and privilege driver.

The alleged infraction may have been simply a pretextual basis to pull you over in order to see if you might be a drunk driver.  If all you did was touch the lines and not cross over, then it’s a bad stop.  The length of time he waited to pull you over may, however, be used to question the officer’s credibility.  He probably was hoping to observe other signs of DUI and didn’t, meaning you drove perfectly fine.  That helps prove you were perhaps not under the influence.

If your performance of the field sobriety tests was also good, you may be able to convince a judge he did not have probable cause to arrest you for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Contact the Albers & Associates to discuss if you want to discuss having your DUI case thrown out.

Want your DUI case dismissed? Schedule a free Maryland DUI Consultation!

Albers & Associates is located in Carroll County, Maryland.  Westminster DUI Attorney Ross W. Albers is a former Baltimore City DWI prosecutor.  Albers & Associates was recognized in 2016 by Maryland Super Lawyers as as Rising Star in Criminal Defense: DUI.  Carroll County DUI Lawyer Ross W. Albers is a member of the National College for DUI Defense.  Contact Albers & Associates to schedule a free Maryland DUI consultation.

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