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What are the phases of a personal injury trial in Maryland?

Injured by the negligent actions of another and considering a personal injury trial?

There is a lot that goes into a personal injury trial.

Maryland Personal Injury Trial Phases

The primary phases of a Maryland personal injury trial are:

Pretrial motions

Pretrial motions are argued before selecting a jury and typically deal with evidence issues.

Choosing a jury

The jury selection process begins with what is called voir dire. Each juror is asked a serious of questions to determine if they can be fair and impartial.

Opening statements

Opening statements are presentations about what the evidence will show the jury.

Plaintiff’s case

Since the injured party has the burden of proof, they go first.  The Plaintiff’s case includes evidence and testimony solicited from witnesses.

Defendant’s case

The at-fault driver puts on its case after the Plaintiff.  The Defendant’s case also includes evidence and testimony solicited from witnesses.

Jury instructions

Jury instructions are given by the Carroll County Circuit Court judge and instruct the jury on the law and rules.

Closing arguments

Closing arguments are where the attorneys attempt to persuade the jury by arguing the facts of the case.  The injured party’s personal injury attorney gives the first closing arguments.  Then the at-fault driver’s defense attorney makes an argument.  Since the injured party has the burden of proof, their attorney gets to make a rebuttal argument after the defense attorney.

Jury deliberation

After closing arguments, the jury begins its deliberations.  Here, the jury is determining who is at-fault for the car accident, whether the accident caused any injuries, and how much money to award the injured party?


A verdict is the jury’s decision.  The jury foreperson will read the verdict into the record.

Free Carroll County Car Accident Attorney Consultation

It’s easy to believe that filing a personal injury lawsuit will result in a trial, but this does not always happen. In fact, most disputes are resolved out of court, giving both parties the option to work together on a solution before heading to trial.

The personal injury trial process is never simple, especially since you are likely dealing with injuries that could be causing pain and suffering.

If you or a family member has been injured because of someone else’s careless or negligent acts, then call Albers & Associates to schedule a free personal injury consultation.  Carroll County Personal Injury Attorney Ross W. Albers is a former Maryland insurance adjuster that knows what you’re up against.

Albers & Associates offers contingency fee arrangements: No Recovery. No Fee. No Expense.

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