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Common Maryland Insurance Car Accident Defenses

Insurance car accident defenses are deceitful and irrelevant tactics to draw attention away from the negligence of the at-fault driver. As a Carroll County Auto Accident Attorney, I hear the same the insurance car accident defenses from the adjusters and their defense attorneys.

Most Common Insurance Car Accident Defenses

If you are trying to settle your car accident injury claim without the help of a Westminster Personal Injury Attorney, then beware of these common insurance car accident defenses.

No reported injuries at the scene of the accident

Not all Maryland car accidents result in broken bones.  In fact, a majority of the injuries are soft tissue, or sprains and strains.  These types of injuries typically don’t surface until hours, or days, after a car accident.

No ambulance

Again, not every car accident injury involves a ride in an ambulance.  Many injured people turn down a ride in an ambulance because they feel okay at the scene.

No emergency room

Just because you didn’t go to the emergency room after a car accident doesn’t mean you weren’t injured, or seriously injured.

Delay in symptoms

Soft tissue injuries generally don’t surface until hours after a car accident, or days later.

Delay in treatment

Sometimes injured car accident victims wait to seek treatment, because they want to see if they will start feeling better.

Personal injury attorney hired shortly after accident

According to insurance companies, their adjusters and paid defense attorneys, obtaining legal advise shortly after an accident means you aren’t injured.  It means you are just after money.

Referral to treatment by personal injury attorney

Insurance companies love attacking personal injury attorneys that refer their clients to treating physicians.  According to adjusters and their defense attorneys, helping a client that is injured is wrong.

Minor property damage

Damage to a car has no effect on whether someone is injured, or not.  Some people walk away from catastrophic multiple car accidents.  Others are injured in low-impact accidents.

No one else injured

If only one person was injured in a car accident, it doesn’t mean they are lying or faking injury.

Pre-existing injuries

Pre-existing injuries can be aggravated by car accidents.  Insurance companies love to blame pre-existing injuries as the culprit and ignore the fact that their insured was negligent.

Subsequent injuries

If you are injured in a car accident and then injured in another accident, don’t let the insurance companies try to blame the second accident as the main culprit.  Every negligent driver should have to pay their fair share.

No mention of accident injuries in unrelated medical records

If you go to the dentist, you probably aren’t going to complain to them about your back or neck auto accident injuries.

Not following treatment plan

Being injured in a car accident is a big inconvenience.  If you miss a couple of medical appointments for personal reasons, then insurance companies love to say you are lying and not really injured.

Continuing treatment after pain free

Reports you are no longer in pain doesn’t mean you aren’t still injured.

Continuing daily activities

While life is interrupted after a car accident, it doesn’t stop.  So, continuing your daily activities is common.  It doesn’t mean you aren’t injured and suffering.

Implying that the negligent driver is not able to pay any judgment

Whether or not the negligent driver can afford to pay a settlement for your injuries is not important.  They are responsible and must pay.  Sympathy is not a defense for negligence.

Attacking the personal injury attorney

If you have been injured in Carroll County, Maryland by the negligence of a driver, then call Albers & Associates to prevent unfair insurance car accident defenses.

Schedule a Free Car Accident Attorney Consultation

Albers & Associates is located in Westminster, Maryland.  Carroll County Personal Injury Attorney Ross W. Albers is a former Maryland insurance adjuster that knows what you’re up against.  Contact Albers & Associates to schedule a free auto accident injury consultation.

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