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Mandatory DUI interlock bill passes House for convicted drunk drivers in Maryland

The Maryland House of Delegates unanimously passed a tougher DUI law bill requiring every convicted drunk driver to install the ignition interlock system in their car for at least six months.

Maryland House Passes Ignition Interlock System Bill

The ignition interlock system prevents drivers from starting their car unless they pass a breathalyzer test.

The tougher DUI law bill is now headed to the Maryland Senate, where it could become even stronger.

The bill arose from the high-profile killing of Montgomery County Police Officer Noah Leotta by a repeat drunk driver.

Lobbyists, like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, have pushed for years to make Maryland DUI laws the strictest in the country.

The passage of the tougher DUI law bill is significant because of the support from House Judiciary Chairman Joe Vallario who in the passed rejected broad interlock laws.

After the Maryland House passes ignition interlock bill, it seems like it is just a matter of time before the bill becomes the law in Maryland.

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