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Slips and falls unfortunately happen sometimes, and accidents are unavoidable in life. But not all slips and falls are the same.

While it’s certainly true that many slips and falls are accidental, not all fit this category. Sometimes a slip or fall is the result of negligence. If you believe your slip or fall was the result of negligence, then you should inquire about your legal options with a Towson, MD slip and fall lawyer.

What Constitutes Negligence?

Merriam-Webster defines negligence as “failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances”. The key point of slip and fall cases is deciding which party was negligent. Was it the property owner for nor following proper safety procedure? Or was it the person who fell for not heeding caution?

Negligence is typically assigned to those who are found to be at fault, or those who are found most responsible for the accident. Most falls and slips are accidental, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t fault to be placed. Even if your fall was an accident, someone may still be at fault, legally speaking.

How Does the Court Decide Who is at Fault?

This is a difficult question and doesn’t have an exact answer. Each case is different and will have different parameters that define it. However, fault is generally given to whomever was determined to be the most negligent.

If a property owner fails to place a wet-floor sign, or some equivalent, and this results in a fall, it would likely constitute negligence. Likewise, if the property owner did place a wet floor sign, and you ignored it and fell, it could be negligence on your part. What if the owner did have a wet floor sign but it was obstructed from view? None of these cases have black or white answers and can likely be argued either way. The best way to assess the strength of your case is to contact an Towson, MD slip and fall lawyer.

How Should I Choose My Towson Personal Injury Lawyer?

Slips and falls are extremely serious and could result in physical injury, emotional distress, or inability to work. Don’t take your slip or fall case lightly, you need the help of an experienced Towson, MD slip and fall lawyer. Ross W. Albers has served Towson and surrounding Maryland areas for years. Contact us today to discuss your case and what your best options moving forward are.

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