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Resisting Arrest Lawyers in Towson, MD

It can be frustrating to find yourself in a situation where you are being arrested when you have not committed a crime. Even if you have committed a crime, it’s easy to panic in the moment and react irrationally. It’s important, however, to understand that the act of resisting arrest is a crime itself and can further damage your situation. Here’s some helpful advice from the experts on resisting arrest in Towson, MD.

Guilty or Not Guilty: It’s Illegal to Resist Arrest

If you have been involved with or have committed a crime, it’s understandable that, when confronted by law enforcement, you may be arrested. Complying with the law officer is important during these scenarios and can help you down the road when you build your case with your defense attorney.

If you have not committed a crime or been involved with one but find yourself confronted by law enforcement who may try to arrest you, it can be quite angering, especially if you have a completely clean criminal record.

You may be inclined to resist arrest since you have not committed any crime and to your knowledge have no reason to be arrested. It might seem unfair, but you canbe charged with resisting arrest when you haven’t committed a crime in the first place or if the officer did not have reasonable suspicion or evidence to arrest you.

Charges for Resisting Arrest

In order to charge you with resisting arrest, the officer must establish that you used a level of force against the officer during arresting procedures. However, the criteria surrounding this crime can be somewhat confusing.

A suspect who is fleeing the scene of a crime or accident, for example, would notbe eligible for a charge of resisting arrest because they are not using force and are not physically undergoing the process of arrest. However, if the suspect was caught, the arresting officer could give these charges if the suspect used force while being handcuffed.

Defense Against a Resisting Arrest Charge

It is your lawyer‘s responsibility to defend you in court against the prosecution, who will work to prove a few things:

  • You were under arrest when the resistance took place.
  • The arrest was in accordance with the law.
  • That you used force while resisting the arrest.

It is also your lawyer’s job to go over every detail of the situation with you from your side so that they know exactly how to advocate for you and to protect you from false allegations in court.

Help with Your Resisting Arrest Charge in Towson, MD

Albers & Associates has worked hard to defend each of our clients and we put in the time and effort to ensure we gather all of the facts we need to ensure the best results when you are charged with any violation or crime in Towson, Maryland. Contact us to set up your free consultation for legal services today.

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