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Intent to Distribute Charges in Towson, MD

The extent of the criminal penalties you receive for being caught in possession of illegal drugs by a law enforcement officer in Towson, MD will depend largely on the type of drug, the quantity of the drug, and your prior offenses, if any. One thing that can make your penalties worse is being convicted of PWID – which is possession with the intent to distribute said illegal drugs.

How Can They Prove my Intention to Distribute?

For every PWID case, the law enforcement officers involved in the initial stop and arrest can assess the intent to distribute charge if:

  • Items like small bags, scales, and other common paraphernalia relating to drug distribution are found in your possession as well.
  • Defensive weapons or large amounts of cash are found.
  • The quantity of the illegal drug in possession is very large.

What Penalties Should I Expect with a PWID Conviction?

Drug possession in Towson, MD alone can carry penalties like fines and minor jail sentences. However, adding an intent to distribute charge onto the simple possession conviction often means harsher penalties, which can include exorbitant fines and even prison time. Depending on the specific details of your case, penalties may be assessed at the federal level, in addition to state.

What if I am Charged Under False Pretenses?

Depending on the other factors in your case, it is possible for the arresting officer to have assessed the intent to distribute charges under false pretenses. If the quantity of the drug you are found in possession of is deemed greater than can be used by an individual, you can still be charged with PWID, even if the illegal substance was truly only for personal use.

What To Do When Charged with PWID in Towson, MD

It’s not advisable to face drug possession charges alone, especially if you have an intent to distribute charge on top of it. The criminal defense attorneys at Albers & Associates are here for you and have the legal defense experience needed to get you the best outcome possible in your criminal case. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation for legal services in Towson.

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