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Traffic Violations Attorneys in Maryland

Received a Traffic Ticket? Know Your Rights.

Maryland traffic citations can affect you and your family for the rest of your life. Let the professionals at Albers & Associates work with you to help resolve your case and save your privilege to drive.

Many drivers get a ticket now and then, but when they pile up, they can lead to serious consequences. Even something as simple as a speeding ticket can lead to having your license suspended or even revoked depending on the severity of the crime and your previous history.

Albers & Associates offers affordable legal services with exceptional defense for those charged with traffic violations throughout Maryland and has convenient locations in Westminster, Towson, Columbia, and Frederick. 

Don’t let one mistake ruin your future. Contact the attorneys of Albers & Associates. We may be able to advise you on how to have your ticket dismissed, which can be beneficial for many parties.

How to Get Your Traffic Ticket Dismissed 

It’s easy to become distracted while driving and not realize you are going over the speed limit, forgetting a turn signal, or have missed a stop sign. Before you pay the fine for your traffic ticket, read on and find out how you can successfully get your ticket dismissed.

Your traffic violation, if minor, will likely result in a fine, and possibly points assessed to your driver’s license. What some drivers don’t realize, or take advantage of, is the fact that it’s possible to get the ticket dismissed completely when they choose their other option: contesting the ticket in court.

Why Drivers Avoid Contesting Traffic Tickets

Plenty of drivers simply accept their traffic tickets and pay their fines online. While this is the more convenient option, it may not be the smartest in the long run. When you receive a traffic ticket, there are points added to your driving record, and when these points add up (which doesn’t take long if you receive more than 1-2 tickets within a year), your license can quickly be at risk of suspension.

The MVA in Maryland issues the following for points accumulated due to traffic violations:

  • 3-4 Points = Warning Letter
  • 5-7 Points = Required Enrollment in Driver Improvement Program (DIP)
  • 8-11 Points = Notice of License Suspension
  • 12+ Points = Notice of License Revocation

When you simply pay the fine for your ticket, you agree to have points assessed to your driver’s license. Contesting your ticket with the help of a reliable Maryland defense attorney can not only allow you to have the points dismissed but can also lower or eliminate the fines associated with your driving violation. It might not be the more convenient of the two options, as your court hearing will be scheduled and you must appear in court, but it’s certainly worthwhile.

We Can Help Get Your Ticket Dismissed

At Albers & Associates, we have helped hundreds of clients in getting desirable outcomes when contesting traffic tickets, DUI charges, personal injury cases, and more. We offer free consultations for legal services in Maryland and are happy to help ensure you receive the aid and assistance you deserve. 

Contact us today online or by calling us directly at (443) 665-8030 for more information.

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