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Columbia CDL DWI Attorneys

If you’ve gotten a DWI in Maryland, no matter what kind of license you have, the implications for your future are very serious. You could face fines, the suspension of your license, and even potential jail time. Even though a DWI is less serious than a DUI, the penalties for being convicted of one with a CDL are just as dangerous for your future.

What Happens to Your CDL When You’re Charged with a DWI?

Even before you’re convicted, you’ll face serious consequences. When you are charged with a DWI, your license will be taken and you will be issued a temporary, paper license. This paper license is only good for driving a personal vehicle and cannot be used to drive a commercial vehicle, which means that you’re out of luck if you operate commercial vehicles for work. However, all hope is not lost. You need to act quickly to ensure that you are not actually convicted of your charges so that you can return to work promptly.

What Are Your Options for Retaining your CDL?

Unlike normal licenses, your options are severely limited. To retain your CDL, you will need to be found innocent of your DWI. For normal licenses, you could apply for a restricted license, which would allow you to go to and from work. You could also join the ignition interlock program so that you could continue to drive a personal vehicle. Finally, you could apply for a Probation Before Judgment so that future employers and potential property managers couldn’t see the status of your situation. However, none of these options work for CDL holders. For people who hold commercial driver’s licenses, you either have one or you do not. There are no alternate versions of this license or provisions for people who face trouble. You need to work with a lawyer to have your charges dropped. Period.

What Can You Do Now?

Now that you’re facing serious consequences for your career, you need to get on the phone with a lawyer as soon as possible. Only a lawyer is going to be able to address your concerns and be able to answer your questions with the best possible advice for your specific situation. At the end of the day, these cases can become very complex. Having an expert on your side is going to ensure that you’re making the best possible decision for your career and your future.

Albers & Associates Can Help

Whether you’re facing a CDL DWI or a CDL DUI in Columbia, Maryland then you can get the help you need when you work with Ross W. Albers. Attorney Albers has the expertise you need to ensure that your future is protected. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help you.

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