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Being charged with a sex crime is one of the most serious situations. Your life and livelihood are on the line when a person accuses you of a sex crime, including rape, sexual assault, child abuse of a sexual nature and a range of other crimes that fall under this category. If you were to be convicted of a sex crime, you could face a range of consequences, including jail, a permanent criminal record, and your name of Maryland’s state Sexual Offender Registry. You must fight these charges as they will surely have devastating effects on your future if you are found guilty. For decades, the attorneys at Albers & Associates have provided effective criminal defense for clients in Baltimore and across the state of Maryland. We recognize the weight of these legal matters and work tirelessly for our clients. We are ready to assess your case, guide you through your legal options, and passionately fight for you in court. Contact Albers & Associates for a consultation.

Criminal consequences of sex crimes in Maryland

If you are charged with a sex crime in the state of Maryland, you could face some of the most serious charges in the justice system. The history of the defendant and the nature of the crime generally dictate the category of a felony and the amount of jail time. Below is a simplified chart of the most serious offenses.

Felony I

  • Rape in the first degree: Life
  • Subsequent Rape in the first degree: Life without parole
  • Rape in the first degree in combination with kidnapping a child younger than 16: Life without parole
  • Rape in the first degree as an adult with a victim under 13: Life without parole, min of 25 years
  • Sexual offense in the first degree: Life
  • Subsequent sexual offense in the first degree: Life without parole

Felony II

  • Attempted Rape in the first degree: Life
  • Rape in the second degree: 20 Years
  • Sexual offense in the second degree: 20 years
  • Rape in the second degree of a victim under 13: Life, min of 15 years
  • Child abuse of a sexual nature under certain conditions: 25 years

Felony III

  • Attempted rape in the second degree: 20 years

This is a small sampling of what constitutes a sex crime. With so many more offenses on the list, it is important to discuss your situation with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Maryland Sex Offender Registry

Anyone convicted of a sexual offense by a court of law must register with the state. Depending on the crime, the age of the victim, and the date that the offense was committed, a convicted person will be subject to one of three tiers.

  • Tier I: Tier I is the lowest level of sexual offender. Crimes that constitute this tier include a sex offense in the fourth degree, possession of child pornography, sex trafficking by force, fraud, or coercion, sexual internet crimes, visual surveillance for sexual interest. These people are on the registry for 15 years.
  • Tier II: Tier II is saved for more serious offenses than Tier I. Crimes that constitute this tier include distribution of child pornography, hiring a minor for prostitution, abduction of a minor for prostitution, operating a house of prostitution, human trafficking, sexual solicitation of a minor, and more. This tier subjects a person to 25 years on the registry.
  • Tier III: Tier III is saved for worse crimes. These registrants are registered for life are most crimes in the Felony I-III categories, including kidnapping, rape, attempted rape, assault of a sexual nature, incest, sale of a minor.

Contact Albers & Associates

If you have been accused of a sex crime, it is imperative that you contact an attorney immediately. Albers & Associates has significant criminal defense experience. Our firm fights for clients charged with a range of criminal offenses. Sex crimes are some of the most serious accusations or charges a person can face. For a consultation with an experienced attorney, contact Albers & Associates.

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