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Marijuana has been a hot topic in recent years with legislation moving to bring it into the medical forum in some cases and legalizing it in others. In the state of Maryland, laws surrounding Marijuana have changed a few times in the past few years.

If you have been charged with Marijuana crimes, then you may have new options to pursue as conversations about reparative justice and retroactive relief are in the works throughout the country for people with minor marijuana crimes on their records. If you have questions, a Westminster, MD Marijuana Lawyer can help you get the answers you need.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a plant-based controlled substance. The substance is also known as “cannabis”, “weed”, ”reefer”, and has many other colorful monikers. The drug was outlawed in the United States back in the early 1900’s and has only recently been reviewed for legalization and use for medical initiatives. Each state has different laws surrounding the legality of the plant and, in some states, the rules change county to county.

What Are The Laws Surrounding Marijuana in Maryland?

Marijuana was decriminalized in Maryland back in 2014. The law states that possession of 10 grams of marijuana or less is only considered an infraction, much like a traffic ticket, with a maximum fine of $100. For Marijuana users under the age of 21, they would also have to take a drug and alcohol course in addition to paying the fine. However, the laws surrounding the possession of paraphernalia and public use are slightly more intense with higher fines.

Maryland also has a medical marijuana program where patients who have valid patient ID cards from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission can possess the drug. Along with a valid ID card, you will also need a certificate from a medical professional registered to prescribe medical marijuana. There are licensed dispensaries throughout the state where patients can obtain marijuana in various forms. With the possession of the ID card, patients are allowed to obtain the substance from various licensed dispensaries.

Will People Convicted of Previous Marijuana Crimes be Released?

There is a lot of discussion about how to handle previous marijuana convictions throughout the country, and for now, the future is unclear. Though it is becoming easier and easier to have previous, minor convictions expunged, for people who committed larger marijuana-related crimes, there is still much debate.

If you have questions about your specific circumstances, contact us to discuss them in more detail.

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If you’ve been charged or previously convicted of crimes related to marijuana, then call on a trusted Westminster, MD Marijuana Lawyer to help you navigate the changing laws.

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