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Being convicted with a burglary charge is an extremely serious matter, and needs to be treated as such. Any kind of charge, burglary or otherwise, can have devastating and lasting effects on your life. Charges could affect future employment opportunities, could lead to jail time, and could invite social ridicule. The best way to avoid these consequences and charges is to hire a Mt. Airy burglary defense lawyer.

You Need to Understand Your Charges

Before we can do anything with your case, you need to understand just exactly what you are being charged with. In Maryland there are four different degrees of burglary.

First Degree

Being the most severe of all the degrees, first degree burglary carries with it the harshest possible penalties, including up to 25 years imprisonment. First degree burglary is defined as the breaking and entering into a dwelling with the intent to either commit theft or a violent crime.

Second Degree

Very similar to first degree, the main distinction being that second degree takes place in a “storehouse”. A storehouse could refer to any number of different buildings including barns, factories, storefronts, and public buildings. There must be intent to commit a violent crime, robbery or arson. Second degree carries with it a maximum penalty of 15 years.

Third Degree

Less specific than the first two, third degree stands out as no specific crimes are listed. It is simply defined as entering a dwelling with the intent to commit a crime. It’s punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment.

Fourth Degree

The least severe of the charges, fourth degree is actually a misdemeanor, but it can still lead to up to three years in jail. Fourth degree charges are levied against anyone who enters a dwelling or storehouse by breaking in, regardless of if there is an intent to commit a crime.

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