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PBJ Plea in Eldersburg

If you have recently committed a criminal offense or were involved in criminal activity, there is plenty of information you may not be aware of regarding the hearings you will attend and the options you have for pleading your case. A PBJ plea is a valid and beneficial option for many offenders who have committed crimes in Eldersburg, MD. Let’s take a few moments to outline the meaning and process of a PBJ plea deal.

PBJ: What It Is

Probation before judgment, also referred to as PBJ, is a form of deferred adjudication which allows certain charges to be dismissed during a criminal defense case in order to keep the offender’s criminal record clean. The length of probation time is decided by the judge handling your case’s proceedings and is determined by a few different factors, such as the severity of your offense and previous offenses.

PBJ Plea: The Process

In order to avoid a criminal conviction or, better yet, have your case dismissed by the courts, you must first seek a PBJ plea deal. Your lawyer will instruct you to plead either “guilty” or “no contest” to the criminal charges that have been assessed. In exchange, the judge will grant you probation subject to certain reasonable conditions that must be adhered to in order for your record to remain clean. Depending on the crime you committed or were involved in, the judge will include or require participation in rehabilitation or a treatment program, community service work, or other diversion.

How Your Eldersburg Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Seeking legal counsel is always beneficial when you have been involved in criminal activity of any kind. Your attorney takes on many responsibilities when agreeing to assist with your criminal case, including:

  • Advocating for you as a citizen, as well as their client.
  • Ensuring they view and understand your criminal case from all angles to provide favorable defense in the hearings process.
  • Walking you through court proceedings and making you aware of any concerns regarding your judgment.
  • Seeking a PBJ plea in your case and reinforcing the judge’s belief that you will not be a repeat offender.
  • Confirming that the courts abide by the terms of the plea deal, which typically include the prohibition of prosecutor opposition to the PBJ, no jail time for first offenders, length of incarceration for repeat offenders, and restitution amount.

At Albers & Associates, we are highly experienced in criminal defense and proudly champion the above responsibilities and more in order to ensure the fair and just treatment of every client who looks to us for expert legal assistance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get probation before judgment and avoid a record in your criminal case.

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