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Columbia Slip and Fall Attorneys

One second you’re walking around the store, looking at all of the wares. Then, in an instant and without warning, you’re laying on the ground in agonizing pain.

Slips and falls are a common occurrence, and while they may be accidental, that doesn’t mean there still isn’t fault. If you have suffered from a slip or fall in Columbia, MD, you may have legal options. Let’s look into what those are.

What Does a Slip and Fall Case Look Like?

In the state of Maryland, property owners are required by law to keep their property reasonably safe for those who have a lawful reason to be on it. Failure to do so could leave the property owner liable for damages caused by a slip or fall. Not every case looks the same, and not every case will turn out the same way. You will never know how your case will go until it has been looked over by the trained eyes of a Columbia, MD personal injury lawyer.

Who is at Fault?

A key part of many Columbia, MD slip and fall cases is deciding the level of negligence and which party is at fault. Just because you are hurt on someone else’s property, doesn’t necessarily mean they are liable. For instance, if the property owner had prominently placed a wet floor sign, and you either ignored or didn’t see it, the property owner wouldn’t be responsible.

Personal injury cases are very difficult and can require large amounts of litigation and time. It can be a challenge to prove in court beyond a reasonable doubt who was at fault. Maybe the business owner did have a wet floor sign, but it was obstructed and not apparent. These cases can be tricky. This is why if you have suffered from a slip or fall and believe the property owner to be at fault, you should contact a Columbia, MD slip and fall lawyer to review your case.

Why Should I Choose Albers & Associates?

Serious lifelong injuries can occur as a result of a slip or fall. These injuries could be debilitating, cause emotional stress, and leave you unable to work. Cases like these can’t be taken lightly, you need the services of an experienced Columbia, MD personal injury lawyer.

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