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Though a misdemeanor is less intense than a felony in terms of gravity and consequence, it can still harm your future. Whether you’ve been charged with tax evasion, assault, or even just a traffic violation, a misdemeanor can start off as something small and escalate into something very serious. Before that happens, you need to make sure that you’re working with a trusted misdemeanor defense lawyer in Columbia, Maryland.

What Kinds of Misdemeanors Are There?

Felonies are often crimes that involve some kind of violence such as kidnapping or aggravated assault. Misdemeanors are other crimes that can include anything from theft to small-time possession of a controlled substance. Traffic violations like reckless driving or a DUI that doesn’t result in injuries or property damages may also qualify for a misdemeanor. It all depends on the situation at hand and the outcome of your actions. The more damaging and serious the outcome, the more penalties you can expect to face.

Should You Hire an Attorney for Your Misdemeanor?

During your arrest, you will be informed of your constitutional rights to remain silent and to an attorney, who will help you with your case. Because this is a criminal offense, you will be appointed a lawyer if you are unable to secure one yourself. Though this may present an attractive option that may seem like it will save you money, you should tread carefully. Though many public defenders are amazing lawyers with excellent experience, they are often overloaded with cases. They may not have the time to go into the same level of depth with your case as a private lawyer. In short, your experience may not be as personalized as you need it to be and when it comes to facing any type of criminal charge, can you really afford to take that chance?

Are You Facing a Misdemeanor in Columbia, Maryland?

No matter what your charges are, you’ll need help to keep your life on track. We can address your needs specifically when you come in for a free consultation in Columbia, Maryland. For all questions, concerns, or just to get started, contact us today. We’re ready to jump in and help you.

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