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When we purchase items for work, pleasure, or the home, we trust that they will be safe and those responsible for these products will take all the necessary care to protect consumers. While most purchased items are perfectly fine, some sellers, designers, or manufacturers are not so careful, leading to injured customers. If you have been injured by a product and believe that it was caused by negligence, contact Albers & Associates. Our firm has been a legal resource for the people of Maryland for many years. Our significant experience with product liability laws provides clients with the effective legal services they deserve and need. If you need our help, contact Albers & Associates for a free consultation to discuss your situation.


For a personal injury lawsuit to be successful, it will have to be known or proven that the defendant was negligent. In product liability cases, it is important to have evidence of negligence, but what constitutes negligence is a little different in these circumstances. As in most personal injury cases, it is important to make your case. For product liability cases, it is important to preserve evidence so that professionals can assess it’s defectiveness. If you have discarded the product, our firm will look for the same item to assess your claim. For most product liability cases, it comes down to a defective product. Defective products can become apparent in a few situations, including a design defect, a manufacturer’s defect, and a failure to warn consumers, to name a few.

Design defect

Design defect cases are when the design of the product is the crux of the issue that caused injury. The plaintiff will have to prove that the decisions made in the design of a product were careless or reckless and there was a safer, equally practical and financially feasible design option that would have avoided injury. If proven to be true, the designer of a product could be held liable for the injuries suffered because of a major flaw.

Manufacturer’s defect

A manufacturer’s defect is a different situation altogether. If the design of the product was sound and perfectly safe when properly constructed, a person can be injured by the negligence of the manufacturer. In a manufacturer defect case, the producer of the product did not follow the original design for whatever reason and it caused injury.

Failure to warn

Even when used properly, some products come with a degree of danger. When a product fails to warn consumers about the inherent risk of using it, the seller could be held accountable for the injuries incurred. Warnings are on a range of consumer and industrial products to protect the user. This is a legitimate cause for legal action and has led to explicit warning labels on a number of products, saving lives in the process.

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As a consumer, you deserve to purchase products with confidence. If used properly, products used in the home or at work should be perfectly safe. When a product causes injury, it could be defective. It is important to consult with an attorney that can investigate the matter, guide you through your legal matter, and effectively represent your needs in and out of court. For a consultation with one of our attorneys at Albers & Associates, contact us today.

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