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Bicycle Accident in Baltimore Results in Rider’s Death

A bicycle accident is serious matter because it usually involves serious bodily injury, or death.  Unfortunately, a few days ago, a bicyclist was killed in Baltimore by a drunk driver in a hit and run accident.

The story gained a lot of attention because the driver is a bishop in Baltimore.  The story gained even more attention when it was reported that the bishop had a prior DUI/DWI.  There is evidence that the bishop was under the influence of alcohol when this bicycle accident occurred.

As an avid bicyclist, Bicycle Accident Attorney Ross W. Albers is committed to providing effective legal representation for fellow bike riders injured by the negligence of drivers.  Particularly, in cases involving a drunk driver.

Unfortunately, what most people don’t know is that the insurance companies do everything they can to keep out any evidence of DUI/DWI during a bicycle accident trial.  The insurance companies do this because they don’t want the jury to know that their insured was drinking and driving.  The adjusters believe that a jury will focus more on the drinking and driving, and not on the actual injuries.

The jury should focus on the DUI, because that is the rule that was broken!  It’s an important rule of the road, and a jury should be made aware of the level of negligence.

Don’t let the insurance companies deny, delay and defend your claim.  A Carroll County Personal Injury Lawyer will make sure that you are protected against the insurance companies.

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