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DUI charges are often quite serious and when you are charged, there are many questions you will have about the nature of your circumstances. You’re probably wondering whether or not you will lose your job or your license. You’re probably wondering if you’re going to jail. For now, let’s examine the circumstances that may lead to the loss of your license, how to avoid this, and what you need to do now.

What Kind of License Do You Have?

Before we touch on whether or not you will lose your license, let’s define what “lose” means. There are two ways that the state of Maryland can take your license. They can suspend it or they can revoke it. A suspension may have requirements that you will need to fulfill before it can be reinstated. Suspension can also be assigned for a specific amount of time.

However, once the requirements are satisfied and the suspension period has ended, your license can be restored. The other way that your license can be lost is through revocation. If your license is revoked, the effects are more permanent. For a first-time revocation, you will need to wait six months before you can apply to have the license reinstated. For subsequent offenses the waiting period will be longer. All of the information given above has applied to standard driver’s licenses.

For commercial driver’s licenses, your license can be suspended before you’re even convicted. In the event that you are convicted, you will lose your CDL and you will likely be unable to be hired for another commercial driving position. DUI charges are taken very seriously for commercial driver’s licenses, so you will need to move quickly to ensure that you’re not convicted.

Will DUI Charges Cause You to Lose Your License?

Charges alone will not cause you to lose your license. However, refusing to take the breathalyzer at the time of your arrest will result in a lengthy suspension. Following your arrest, you will be able to go to the MVA for a hearing to plead your case. For this hearing, you are advised to bring a lawyer with you so that you can secure the best outcome for your case. In general, following a DUI arrest, you will need the aid of a trusted DUI lawyer to help you navigate what could easily be a nightmare if you do not have appropriate legal counsel.

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