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For the best DUI and DWI help in the state of Maryland, call on Ross W. Albers. If you have been charged with a DUI, we can help represent you and address important concerns such as:

Will I lose my job?

Will I lose my license?

Will I go to jail?

The State of Maryland’s Drinking and Driving laws are severe, and the penalties associated with them can be life-altering. After a DUI or DWI arrest, there are actions that must be taken in order to prevent the loss of your license and to aid in a positive outcome for your case, it is important to be aware of these and to do them in a timely manner. Ross W. Albers is an experienced DUI and DWI defense attorney who was once a former Baltimore City prosecutor, as such he knows the long-lasting and devastating effects that a DUI or DWI arrest can have on your future, family, and finances, and how to resolve your case with the most positive outcome possible.

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Our Commitment to Your Case

Whether this is your first or one of many offenses, Ross W. Albers will provide aggressive legal representation for you and work towards the best possible outcome on your case. He does all of the research, interviews witnesses, conducts background checks, and meticulously reviews all of the evidence. The Law Office of Ross W. Albers is passionate about every client and their future, each step of the way. It is important to us that you get the answers to all of your questions and that you understand the legal process involved with your DUI or DWI charge, this is why we offer free consultations because everyone deserves to have their case heard. We will take the time to listen to your unique DUI scenario, discuss possible defenses, examine the evidence, and give you honest and reasonable expectations on the outcome of your trial.

Why Choose Ross W. Albers

With his experience on both sides of the bench, Ross W. Albers knows what it takes to achieve the most positive outcome for your DUI case. DUI and DWI Law are his passion and profession.

  • He is a former Baltimore City DUI prosecutor
  • He is a member of the National College for DUI Defense
  • 2017 and 2016 Maryland Super Lawyers Rising Star in Criminal Defense: DUI

Consultations to discuss your case are always free. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Understanding DUI Arrests and Traffic Stops

Maryland DUI stops and arrests can happen on any road at any time. In many areas, mandatory DUI checkpoints are a common strategy used by law enforcement. Most DUI arrests are made after the police stop you for speeding, irregular driving, or because your lights are out. After a routine stop is made for allegedly violating a traffic law, a police officer may suspect that a driver is under the influence of alcohol, usually by smelling the alcohol on the driver’s breath. If the officer suspects that alcohol is involved, a field sobriety test or breathalyzer could be implemented.

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Maryland uses the following field sobriety tests:

Horizontal gaze nystagmus
This is an involuntary jerking of the eyes that can be caused by alcohol blocking receptors in the brain. The office will check your eyes and may ask you to remove your glasses. They will ask you to keep your head still and if you understand the instructions that they have given you.

The walk and turn
This is a test of balance and following instructions, you may have seen this type of test being failed on online videos as it can cause impaired people to fall over. The officer should demonstrate the action first, tell you not to start until told and ask if you understand. Once you agree you understand, you will be given step by step instructions to step one foot in front of the other in a straight line with your arms at your side. The officer is watching to see if you start too soon, you should only take action when told. They are also assessing your balance, you should not stop during the test, use your arms, lose your balance, or miss a heel to toe touch.

The one leg stand
One of the most difficult field sobriety tests to pass while under the influence of alcohol is the one leg stand. The officer should first demonstrate to you how to perform the test, they will tell you not to begin unless instructed to and will confirm you understand. The test involves raising one leg approximately 6 inches off the ground, maintaining eye contact with that foot and counting aloud. The officer is watching for you to start too soon, sway with your body, use your arms to balance, hop, or drop your foot.

The breathalyzer test
If the field sobriety test is failed a breathalyzer will then be ordered. Regardless of the results, the police officer can still arrest the driver for a DUI. You have the right to refuse the breathalyzer and the officer must communicate this to you, although refusing carries a longer suspension period. Whether you refuse to take the breathalyzer or to go forward with the test you may still be arrested and, depending on the results, your Maryland license will be suspended by the MVA.

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Let Us Be Your Defense

Carroll County DUI Attorney Ross W. Albers is prepared to defend you against the charges of driving under the influence or driving while impaired. We know how to challenge your DUI arrest in the state of Maryland. There are many defenses and approaches to your case and we will work with you to explore all strategies to get the best possible outcome for your DUI or DWI case.
Consider the following questions about your DUI or DWI arrest:

  • Did police have a right to pull you over?
  • Did police have the right to ask you to perform the standard field tests?
  • Was your test performed correctly?
  • Was there probable cause to perform your field sobriety test?
  • Did the police or breathalyzer technician properly perform your breathalyzer test?

We know the laws surrounding traffic stops, DUI arrests, field sobriety tests, and breathalyzers, with your details we can determine the best defense for you. DUI Attorney Ross W. Albers offers a free consultation to explain and review your DUI arrest. During your free consultation, the Law Office of Ross W. Albers will review the facts, charges, MVA consequences and possible criminal penalties of your Maryland DUI or DWI case. We can also help with any concerns regarding a DUI with a commercial driver’s license or  a DWI with a commercial driver’s license in Carroll County, Westminster, Essex, or Columbia.

The Law Offices of Ross W. Albers are conveniently located in Columbia, Essex, Frederick, and Westminster, MD and serve all of Baltimore County, Carroll County, Frederick, County Howard County, and their surrounding areas.

Contact the Law Office of Ross W. Albers today to schedule a free consultation. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

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