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Vehicular Manslaughter

Criminal Charges? Know Your Rights.

In most DUI cases in Maryland, the charges filed will be for a misdemeanor. There are, however, situations in which a DUI charge can be escalated to a felony. Not only is a felony much more serious in terms of the penalties you’ll face, but also for the impact it may have on you and your future.

vehicular manslaughter

One of the more common ways to escalate a DUI misdemeanor to a felony is if your drunk driving results in the death of another, known as vehicular manslaughter. The charges for vehicular manslaughter in Maryland are very severe. If you’ve been charged with such, you should seek the immediate counsel of a Maryland DUI defense lawyer.

What Is Vehicular Manslaughter?

In short, vehicular manslaughter is when your driving results in the death of another driver, passenger, or pedestrian. Vehicular manslaughter in Maryland can be charged both to drivers under the influence as well as those driving with negligence and is a serious crime.

In these cases, the prosecution will often work to show that the defendant was aware of the risk but consciously disregarded it. In other cases, they may work to show that the defendant wasn’t aware of their conduct, despite the fact that they should have been.

No matter how you’re accused, vehicular manslaughter in Maryland requires the expertise of an experienced defense lawyer to help build your case.

Vehicular Manslaughter and Drunk Driving

Homicide by motor vehicle while under the influence is a quick way to increase the typical DUI misdemeanor into a felony with serious maximum penalties. Whether a driver under the influence kills one of their passengers, a driver or passenger in another car, or a pedestrian, they could be tried for vehicular manslaughter in addition to a DUI.

Penalties for Vehicular Manslaughter in Maryland

Vehicular manslaughter in Maryland carries these possible penalties:

  • Up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000
  • 12 points on your license with the potential of revocation of driving privileges

Vehicular manslaughter while under the influence can carry even more significant penalties. Anyone charged with either of these crimes should immediately seek the counsel of a Maryland criminal defense attorney.

How Can a Maryland Defense Lawyer Help You?

In all types of vehicular manslaughter and DUI cases, a Maryland defense lawyer will be key to building your side of the case. Your lawyer can also help you understand what the charges mean and what types of defenses you may have. Equally important, an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney can help teach you what resources and options you may have post-conviction to get your life back on track as best as possible.

Hire Our Experts to Defend Your Case

Albers & Associates has years of experience in Maryland DUI and vehicular manslaughter defense cases and is here as your resourceful lawyer. With excellent care and attention to our clients, we’ll work for you from your first inquiry to the end of your case.

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Criminal Defense FAQs

Can I Appeal My Criminal Case?

If your case was tried in the District Court of Maryland, you do have the right to an appeal which would result in a brand new trial that doesn’t regard the findings of the initial court that tried your case. You have 30 days from the date of sentencing to appeal a case.

Will the State Appoint Me a Defense Attorney?

You may choose to accept legal assistance from a state-appointed lawyer during your trial. However, working with a criminal defense attorney at Albers & Associates means you’ll receive more personalized and dedicated care from a lawyer who is dedicated to aggressively pursuing the best outcome possible for every client they work with.

Why Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney for a DUI?

Maryland is one of the states in the U.S. That assesses both administrative and criminal penalties when someone is charged with a DUI. This means that fines, license suspension, and imprisonment are all commonly assessed when a driver has been caught doing so under the influence. The MVA handles most of the administrative charges, but a criminal defense lawyer is necessary if you want to avoid harsher penalties for the criminal charges.