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Maryland Assault Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are charged with assault in the state of Maryland, hire an experienced assault criminal defense lawyer who specializes in obtaining results. An assault charge is a serious crime and can carry with it some serious life-altering consequences which affect your family, career, and can lead to serious prison time.

As a former Baltimore City Assistant State’s Attorney, Ross W. Albers has years of experience representing clients with assault charges. The Law Offices of Ross W. Albers are conveniently located in Columbia, Essex, Frederick, and Westminster, MD and serve all of Baltimore County, Carroll County, Frederick, County Howard County, and their surrounding areas.

Maryland Assault Criminal Defense Lawyer

Why Seek a Criminal Defense Lawyer for an Assault Charge?

Whether or not you feel your assault charge is serious, or even warranted, it’s extremely important to hire legal defense. An assault charge can lead to lengthy jail time, heavy fines, as well as life-long consequences which will affect your career and family. An experienced assault and battery lawyer in Maryland will be able to work on your behalf to reduce your sentence or potentially even get the case dismissed entirely.

The Degrees of Assault

In the state of Maryland, there are two degrees of assault: first degree and second degree assault.

A second degree assault is commonly classified as a misdemeanor in which the prosecution needs to prove: intent to frighten, attempted battery, or battery. Only one of these needs to be proven to get a conviction.

A first degree assault conviction will occur if someone commits one of the above acts with a firearm or with intent to cause serious harm.

Assault Defense Attorney Ross Albers

So why partner with The Law Offices of Ross W. Albers in your upcoming Maryland assault case? Ross W. Albers has worked on many assault cases in Maryland, and as such he knows how to get the best possible results for your case. Ross has the experience and skill to research your case and interview the right people to get the facts. The Law Offices of Ross W. Albers will commit to your case and obtain the best possible results for you and your future.

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