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Do I need a Baltimore County Assault Attorney if I press charges?

I pressed charges for a Baltimore County assault in Maryland.  Do I need a criminal defense attorney?

Typically, you wouldn’t need an attorney.  However you have to understand that the Assistant State’s Attorney who is handling the case against the defendant is not representing you or your interests.  At least, not in the same manner as an attorney of your own would.

The State’s Attorney’s Office represents the State of Maryland.

It is possible that in an interview with the State’s Attorney’s Office or while on the stand giving testimony during trial that you could say things that might incriminate you.  Often times in second degree assault cases there are cross complaints.  Meaning, both parties to the assault have filed charges against each other.

You want to be wary of self incrimination.  Especially, if there is the potential for a cross complaint against you.  Many times in mutual affray situations the attorney for the defendant will advise their client to file charges against the other person to create cross complaints.

This usually results in the State’s Attorney’s Office dropping both cases or causing the individuals to plead the 5th, thus providing the State with no evidence to prove its case.  In a rare situation, the Assistant State’s Attorney will choose sides and pursue one case over the other.

If you were involved in a Baltimore County assault and pressed charges, then it’s possible that the person you charged will file charges against you, too.  If that situation, then you will definitely need Baltimore County assault attorney.

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