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If you’re a commercial driver, your CDL is imperative to maintaining your job. Losing this driving license can make it difficult or even impossible to carry out your day-to-day work tasks and has the potential to leave you unemployed. Albers & Associates doesn’t want to see that happen to you, so we’re here as your best resource when you’re a commercial driver who has been charged with a DUI.

How Does a DUI Affect my Commercial License?

Frederick, Maryland is already very strict on enforcing laws that promote safer driving, so the penalties for driving under the influence are often harsh. When you have a CDL, the standard of behavior is higher and the penalties you face are often more serious than with a traditional driver’s license.

1st Offense: A first-time DUI offense for CDL drivers often carries a one-year suspension of your license. This means you are legally unable to drive or operate a commercial vehicle for the entire period of suspension. For many CDL holders, this makes their daily work responsibilities impossible.

2nd Offense: After your first offense, if you receive a second DUI charge you face potentially career-ending consequences. Your CDL can be revoked for life which will mean that you will never be legally allowed to operate a commercial vehicle again. For those that drive commercially as a career, this can lead to extended unemployment and a necessary career change.

What if I Get a DUI While Driving my Personal Vehicle?

There are no exceptions in Maryland for DUI, and the law states that if you are in possession of a CDL and you are caught driving under the influence in a personal vehicle, you will still receive a suspension of your commercial license. This is why it is highly important to use full caution when driving if you carry a CDL, even if you aren’t on the job.

How Can Albers & Associates Help Me?

As a top CDL DUI law firm in Frederick, Maryland, Albers & Associates provides exceptional legal services to those who are caught driving commercial as well as standard vehicles while under the influence. Our team has helped commercial drivers all over the state in ensuring a favorable outcome for their DUI cases and we are dedicated to advocating for our clients every step of the way. Contact us today for a free legal consultation in Frederick, MD.

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