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Family Law

Protect your rights with a top legal team. 

Our family law attorneys at Albers & Associates will guide you through the difficulties of the legal process.

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Civil Family Law

Dealing with disputes within your family is emotional and frustrating. Whether you’re facing divorce, child custody, or protective orders, our attorneys won’t let you face it alone. We’ll help you turn emotional situations into clear and fair outcomes. Our team of lawyers has a wealth of experience with all aspects of family law and we’ll use it to ensure a positive outcome for your case.

It’s our duty to ensure that you receive fair and compassionate treatment. We approach every case with unique strategies that ensure the best possible outcome.

A Caring Approach

Our attorneys are responsive and professional. With a caring approach that is both comprehensive and trustworthy — together, we’ll find an agreement that settles your existing conflict. We also provide representation for visitation rights, alimony, property division, and adoption and guardianship.

If your family is going through a shift and you’re unsure how to handle legal proceedings, Albers & Associates is here to help.

The Albers & Associates Team

Ross Albers
Ross W. Albers
Robert Fiore
Robert Graham Fiore
Of Counsel
Lauren Macari
Lauren Macari
Joseph W. Tychostup, Esq.
Joseph W. Tychostup
Attorney & Managing Partner
Myles F. Friedman, Esq.
Myles F. Friedman
Jillian Miceli
Jillian Miceli
Personal Injury Paralegal

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a divorce in Maryland?

If you’ve decided to end your marriage, the State of Maryland requires a period of separation from your partner for 12 months. However, in the case of a mutual consent divorce, you may file immediately.

What factors are considered in awarding child custody?

Regardless of any agreement you may have reached, the courts will determine an outcome that is in the best interests of the child(ren). Some factors considered include who is the primary caregiver, character and reputation, length of separation, and financial resources.

Do I need to be related to file for a protective order?

In addition to proving that the abuse occurred, you must also be a former or current spouse, a person related by marriage, adoption, or blood, or a parent, or a vulnerable adult.