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What Does it Mean to be Charged with Assault and Battery?

Assault and battery charges in Maryland can have severe consequences that can affect your family and your future. Albers & Associates is here to help you better understand this crime and the charges involved and will be there to defend you through the legal process following your crime.

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Types of Assault

1st-Degree Assault – The most severe form of assault, first-degree assault includes (1) attempting serious physical harm to a person, (2) causing serious physical harm to a person, and/or (3) utilizing a firearm during an assault. First-degree assault is considered a felony in Maryland.

2nd-Degree Assault A lesser form of assault, second-degree assault is a classification of crimes in which the offender attempts or causes physical harm to another but the harm is not considered to be serious and is not carried out with a firearm. This crime is considered a misdemeanor in Maryland

3rd-Degree Assault This crime occurs when a person attempts to physically injure or harm another person but does not carry out the physical act. It also includes the non-physical harm a person can do to another.

What is Considered Assault and Battery?

Maryland law’s definition of assault is the unwanted or harmful touching of another. Although assault charges can be assessed when only the attempt, intention, or threat of harming another is present, battery charges make the crime of assault a more serious one.

Battery refers to the actual act of physically harming someone. When someone commits battery, it is often their intention to harm someone and they are successful in carrying this out physically. Your assault charges will include battery if your crime goes beyond intending or attempting to harm someone and you cause a physical injury to another person. 

Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Towson, MD

The team of expert attorneys at Albers & Associates has years of experience defending cases of those who have committed crimes of assault and battery. We will ensure we gather all of the details of your case in order to provide solid defense and advocate for your rights in court. Contact us today to get started with your free consultation and get the criminal defense in Towson, MD that you deserve.