A big concern for Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys is: “How do we determine who was at-fault or liable for a car accident?”

Who’s going to pay for the injuries sustained by the driver and passengers in the self-driving car?

Who will be liable and who is going to pay the medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering after a car accident?

The Maryland courts have yet to see a case of this nature, but it is our suspicion there would be multiple parties responsible for the accident and subsequent injuries.

Possible responsible parties include:

  • manufacturers;
  • developers of the software; and/or
  • the distributors.

There are countless options when it comes to liability. That is why a Maryland Personal Injury Attorney can be helpful in pursuing a claim for injuries caused in an automobile accident.

Remember, in order to prove your Maryland personal injury case you need to establish three things: negligence, causation and damages.

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