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Smoking marijuana in public criminal penalties may increase in Maryland

Public marijuana smoking may become a misdemeanor crime in Maryland!

If you have ever been arrested for possessing marijuana, then you know that the legislature has been working to decriminalize the drug.

You need to defend yourself regardless of the potential punishments any drug charge can leave you frustrated and facing penalties. The benefit of decriminalization is that you can be caught with a marijuana and not face serious penalties.

You could be told complete drug treatment or pay a fine, but the charges would not affect your criminal record, like a misdemeanor or a felony.

Public marijuana smoking may become a misdemeanor in Carroll County

Recently, the House of Delegates passed a bill for fines up to $500 for public marijuana smoking.

Sponsored by Delegate Brett Wilson, the bill would roll back last year’s decriminalization of marijuana and make public marijuana smoking a misdemeanor.

House Democrats were split over the bill.  Some argued the bill would erode trust between police and troubled youth.  Others argued unwanted exposure to marijuana smoke is a public health issue.

With marijuana again criminalized, it could mean more arrests of the young with more people paying fines and seeing marks on their criminal records.

One delegate pointed out that smoking marijuana in public is already an illegal act, but under this bill, the punishment is harsh. The bill could have a disproportionate effect on black people, according to one delegate, while another argued that the fact was that she had to avoid certain places to avoid marijuana smoke.

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