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My DUI Case Was Dropped: Now What?

Although your DUI case in District Court may have been dropped, you still likely have to appear at an MVA Executive Hearing. Depending on the results of this hearing you could have your license suspended or revoked. If you have a Commercial Driver’s License, it can be revoked for a minimum of a year, which will likely mean the loss of your job and livelihood.

Driving under the influence (DUI) is treated both criminally and administratively in Maryland. While the police or courts may find that you are not criminally responsible for your actions, the Motor Vehicle Administration will still review your case. The MVA may decide to suspend or even revoke your license and thus your driving privileges.

While many people who have received DUIs think the criminal aspect requires the presence of a seasoned attorney, they don’t realize that they also need representation by a lawyer in the MVA Executive Hearing to plead for their case.
Ross Albers Law has years of experience in helping people navigate their DUI process for the best possible outcome. We’ll help you make sure that you do everything necessary to retain your ability to legally drive. If your driving privilege is in doubt, call us today to schedule a consultation.