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Howard County Domestic Assault Arrest

Have you or your loved one been charged with a domestically related second-degree assault in Howard County? Was it a domestic dispute with minor injuries?  Is the complaining witness most likely willing to assert their marital privilege and not testify?

If so, how do prosecutors typically handle these cases?

While there are no guarantees, if the complaining witness wants to assert their marital privilege, then the State’s Attorney’s Office may choose to decline to prosecute the case even if there is other admissible evidence.  It depends on each case and the situation.

As a former prosecutor, our office knows that prosecutors who handle domestic violence cases generally prefer marital invocations because it prevents the complaining witness from ever asserting the privilege again.

Depending on if you or your spouse wants to use their marital privilege, your criminal defense lawyer may be able to persuade the prosecutor to offer you a STET.  The STET, or inactive docket, would likely include marriage counseling.

Typically, the counseling is a 26-week program at a place called Hope Works.  Hope Works is a domestic violence advocacy organization located in Howard County.

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